Boats to stay on in London

Boat stays are a great way to experience London. They're also very popular with tourists, so it's easy to find information about them online. This guide will give you a basic overview of what boat stays are, how they work and why they're so popular with visitors from all over the world. We'll focus on boats to stay on in London, particularly central London. You'll experience something really special by staying in this type of accommodation in London so we cannot recommend it highly enough, but then of course we are a boutique barge business!

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Canal Boat Hire UK

Canal boat hire is a great way to experience the UK. Canal boat holidays are popular with people looking for an alternative way of holidaying. A boating holiday is a wonderful way to enjoy a slower pace of life, see historic cities and landmarks and stunning countryside whilst you cruise at your own pace. A canal boat holiday is the perfect way to travel with your whole family, and here's a few tips on how to make sure you spend your family time having the best canal holidays possible.

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Hotel Boats On The Thames

If you're looking for a unique and luxurious way to explore the River Thames or any other London waterway, then hotel boats are the perfect option. These boats offer a combination of comfort, style, and convenience, making them an ideal choice for those who want to experience the beauty of a river or canal in a unique way. They are a unique design experience too if you're an interiors fan, and can be gold for you instagrammers!

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Paddington Boat Hire

Boat trips are a popular way to explore London, for a week, weekend, day, an afternoon or even just an hour. You can choose from a range of watercraft to captain, including traditional narrowboats and modern cruisers. London's canals are the most popular cruise location if you want to combine grand architecture with peaceful nature. We have it all! Boat hire is an easy way to get close up with nature; it's an exciting experience that involves travelling through narrow locks; and it allows you to see into parts of London from a unique perspective (such as Regent's Park where you can spot London Zoo), or see Camden market from the lock.

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